According to our latest research on Dry cell battery which included around 400 users data in last 5-6 years. we found some interesting facts about battery life.

All electric bikes users have a common problem, which is low life of battery, Specially electric bikes with Dry(lead acid ) battery. Electric bike battery life is mostly depend on the charger, an old charger can harm the battery. Most of Electric bikes users changes their lead acid battery in every 1.5 to 3 year, according to our research data.

If you have recently replaced your electric bike battery and using old charger, you should change it now. Here what we found in our research

  • New battery + new charger : 24 to 36 month battery life
  • New battery + old chargerĀ  : 12-18 month battery life


Here what we found interesting that some user got more then 40 months battery life, We found our that they have replaced their charger with new after 1-1.5 year due to charger problem. So we are recommending you to charge your old charger with new one.


For lithium battery charger we are still collecting data


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