Hero electric recently changed its Lithium battery supplier. Previously hero electric were using Phylion company Lithium ion battery. The new Lithium battery is actually not Lithium ion but Lithium Phosphate.This lithium baterry has Prismatic cells. Prismatic cells have more advantage over normal cylindrical cells.

This new hero electric Lithium battery is now coming with new hero electric Optima LI E-scooter. Voltage and capacity are  48V and  28Ah according to company. We have talked with few people who has this battery in their electric scooter. 80 to 90 km range what They told us. which is really a game changer in electric scooter market.

Next time, When you go to a hero electric showroom, you will see this battery in their new e-scooter Optima Li/ER.

Will this product will continue in hero electric? and other hero electric bike like Flash where size issue and Photon LP which is 72V will get same?  we are investigating that currently. We don’t know who is supplier of this battery, But we are gonna find out that very soon.

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